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What is the Think Feel Know indicator?

Effective communication underpins business success. The Think Feel Know indicator demonstrates how you can communicate more effectively with other people, by understanding both your and their different communication styles. Whether it be verbal, written or visual, Think Feel Know provides you with the tools to be a more effective communicator.

What will it give me?

You will receive a personalised Think Feel Know report explaining your own Think Feel Know preferences, together with a series of videos and articles showing you how you can use your result to improve performance in different areas of business.

What’s involved?

The Think Feel Know indicator is an online tool that calculates your communication preferences based on a series of questions. Everyone communicates across three styles – Thinking, Feeling and Knowing – every day, every time we process information. The Think Feel Know indicator shows us our natural preference for using each of these styles when we communicate. The indicator takes c10 minutes to complete.

How do I use the results?

Knowing your personal communication style preferences will improve your relationships with family and friends, enable you to motivate your staff more effectively, connect with your children and proactively resolve differences.

It gives you the knowledge and skills to understand what other people are really saying and choose how to respond to them effectively.

The more we understand about how we communicate, the better we can choose how we communicate and adapt our style in different circumstances - to deliver a message in a way our audience will identify with, and to improve our communication at all levels.

How often should I take it?

We recommend re-taking the TFK indicator whenever your business circumstances change. This could mean a new role, a change of business direction, a new team etc. Typically we suggest our clients take the Think Feel Know indicator at least once per year.